This actress says pubs are bad

Updated By VankayaWed, 06/13/2018 - 10:01
This actress says pubs are bad

Actress Apoorva says pub culture is not good. She said the youth of today should not become addicted to the pub culture. “I too used to frequent pubs. At that age, it looked exciting and glitzy. But, now I have realized that it was not worth it,” says Apoorva.

“I used to go to Touch Pub regularly and hero Allu Arjun too used to be a regular at that pub. If I miss pub for sometime, he used to ask me why I was missing the pub,” she said in a web interview. She said no one goes to pub because of any pressure from anyone. One goes on ones own.

“That’s a different life and one should stay away from it. Once I realized that it was not worth it, I stopped going there,” she said. She also said that ordinary persons pubbing is different. But, celebrities should avoid it,” she adds.

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