Amala's sensational comments about harassment!

Updated By VankayaMon, 02/12/2018 - 10:58
Amala's sensational comments about harassment!

Amala Paul recently registered a complaint against a Businessman, Azhagesan, that he sexually harassed her at a show. 

She revealed that when she went for rehearsals, this guy started talking to her like she is a sex object and ill-treated her. 

She shared her embarrassment and how the incident shocked her. She said, "When I had gone to do dance rehearsal, a man spoke to me unpleasantly, like he was conducting a trade. I was very shocked and humiliated. That's why I immediately came to complain to the police station." 

Now, the bussinessman is in police custody and as the actress decided to press the charges, he could be facing a jail term of six months to one year.  

She thanked Vishal for supporting her by tweeting, "Thank you Vishal for standing by me and assuring me that I must not let it go, and I didn’t, now I believe it’s every woman’s duty, to not let it go and stand for themselves. He was ready to trade me off like a meatloaf, his guts make me sick, his existence makes me sick #MeToo"

 Heroines and actresses are seen as skin-traders by many and such kind of publicity should die out. We hope people start respecting women more! 

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