Are the commercial films losing their shine?

Updated By VankayaMon, 02/12/2018 - 11:16
Commercial films

Commercial films are the staple food of our Telugu Cinema. From 70's and 80's, the formula of hero killing a villain as been reinvented time and again. If in one film, he is a person who fights with massive crowd as a mass leader, then in another film, he used to be the happy-go-lucky guy trapped by circumstances and forced to fight against a person. 

In 90's, the formula changed to vigilante justice and many thought this is the way forward. Shankar's highly successful films like Gentleman, Indian/Bharateeyudu made it a pakka formula for success. Till date, that formula has not become old. 

But the format had to change, the story had to be new. As the new age audience are taking over the 'viewing demographic' set, young audiences, the 90's youth is slowly growing older. Even they are not in awe of the films that follow Shankar and other director's formula. 

Recently released Inttelligent, Agnyathavasi had the heroes fighting against few people that represent Social evil. They are in exile and hiding all the time. Catching them is tough for police and villains couldn't stand in front of them. 

With all ingredients like songs, comedy and action mixed in, still these movies failed to capture the audience imagination and they are rejected on the day one itself. 

While, Tholiprema, Chalo and Bhaagamathie, more refreshing commercial takes on old subjects like romance and revenge have become hits, the big director and actor films like the above mentioned have become huge disasters. 

There used to be a safety net for producers whoever planned to produce a film with big heroes and directors. But these days, commercial cinema has become a huge gamble to play on and producers seem to be losing their grip on placing safe bets. 

Well, the solution seems to be reinventing the commercial cinema again. The story needs to stronger than just highlighting the villain and hero. It needs to be have more depth and relativity with audience. Let's see, who will be able to reinvent the formula like Shankar, Rajamouli, Trivikram, Puri Jagannadh and VV Vinayak, for this generation. 

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