Bad omen for Balka Suman: 5 men catch fire during protest at campaign launch

Updated By VankayaWed, 09/12/2018 - 16:44
Balka Suman

Things don’t seem to going Balka Suman’s way. Balka Suman, currently Peddapally MP, was given TRS ticket to contest from Chennuru seat. But, he is facing stiff opposition from incumbent MLA from the TRS Nallala Odelu. Odelu is protesting Suman’s candidature and said the constituency’s voters will reject the outsider.

Meanwhile, one after another, bad omens are weighing down Balka Suman. As Balka Suman launched his campaign from a temple on Wednesday in Chennur, four to five TRS workers protesting the ticket to Balka Suman came drenched in Kerosine. Without realizing this, Balka Suman’s followers tried to light the camphor.

The fire suddenly flared up and five persons caught fire. Balka Suman’s supporters immediately doused the fire and shifted the injured to the hospital. The condition of one of the injured is stated to be serious.  The incident occurred in Indaram of Chennuru constituency.

Firebrand leader Balka Suman was recently embroiled in a sexual harassment case also. There is stiff opposition to him in Chennuru from Odelu’s supporters. 


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