Bigg Boss Season-2: Day 1 Highlights

Updated By VankayaTue, 06/12/2018 - 10:38
Bigg Boss Season 2 Day 1 Highlights

Bigg Boss Season-2, opened with a bang and a huge ruckus about who is a celebrity and who is not. Sanjana seemed furious about spending a night in jail and Nutan Naidu, seemed voiceless. 

Well, Sanjana definitely did see more Bigg Boss than many and she appeared to have no qualms to take up a fight. Straight away, Babu Gogineni started counselling her and we have to say their conversation is a bit too one dimensional but good thoughts prevailed in the end.

But the youngest of all, Deepthi Sunaina became the first target due to her touch-me-not and a bit high headed nature. It appeared as such even though she is beautiful and has talent, she seems to be still reeling in the early young-adult attitude. 

And straight away she getting nominated seems to be a ploy by the apparent gang ghat is slowly seem to be forming. 

Kaushal looks more interested in showing off his body while Amit and Tanish seemed to be ganging up more and more. 

On the whole, the first day ended up with ample masala but the serious tasks should be beginning from Tuesday and let's see, how that shapes up. 

Whom did you really like in the entire day 1? And whom do you think has a long game plan? We guess Geetha Madhuri and Tanish. Are we correct? 


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