CBI catches a cyber photo-morpher

Updated By VankayaThu, 03/01/2018 - 11:49
CBI catches a cyber photo-morpher

It is criminal to post a video or a photo, of a person, without their permission. Even if the person is a celebrity and a public figure, we first have to take their permission and then, upload them on social media.

When uploading a picture without permission is seen as a crime, then, what about morphing those pictures for sexual pleasures and selling them on websites? 

It is indeed big crime. CBI, after investigating for long time, arrested Raghuvaran, a B-Tech graduate, who turned into a cyber cheater and a photo-morpher. He unfortunately didn't find any job and so, he decided to make easy money by promoting and writing gossips with raunchy images of heroines. 

He used to morph the pics of famous heroines with Porn-stars, to sell the story and made money. MAA - Movie Artists Association, gave a complaint against such websites and most of them ran away, but CBI is trying to catch them and drag them to justice. 

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