Chandrababu running away from reality

Updated By VankayaMon, 02/12/2018 - 18:09
Chandrababu running away from reality

Likening Chandrababu Naidu with German dictator Hitler and Duryodhana from the Indian Epic, Mahabharata, YSR Congress has said that there has been no reaction from the most experienced chief minister even 12 days after the union budget was presented.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma said,‘ Chandrababu Naidu’s governance has been causing the same damage as that of Hitler’s rule had caused to Germany and his hibernation for 12 days reminds one of the Duryodhana hiding in the pond due to fear of being defeated.

Though the union budget was presented more than 12 days back, Chandrababu Naidu has not come out and gave a categorical statement but has been resorting to theatrics using his MPs to play hide and seek and directing them in a wayward manner.

How can the President of a political party being part of the coalition government be silent when the state has been taken for granted and was shown a cold shoulder in the union budget. The TDP MPs have been ineffective and unassuming with their insipid and dubious speeches in the Parliament and the irony is that they have been extended a hero’s welcome and thus became a laughing stock.

Chandrababu has ditched all his family members and people cannot be spared as they become easy and gullible targets. During the first four years, he had never bothered to question the Centre and in the pre-election year, he has been resorting to theatrics and as a responsible person, he has never fulfilled his bounden duty of giving his reaction on the union budget, which was no different from the earlier ones in disappointing the state with a raw deal, she said.

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