Did Prabhas stop Anushka from acting in Bollywood?

Updated By VankayaSun, 03/11/2018 - 11:42
 Prabhas stop Anushka

Prabhas-Anushka on-screen chemistry can set the wettest forest on fire. Even off screen they share a rare bonhomie and this has led to many rumours. There was a talk of their being in love and of their getting ready to marry. But, all those have proved to be wrong. Yet, rumours continue to fly thick and fast.

There is another strong rumour floating around these days. It says that Anushka got a Bollywood offer, but Prabhas stopped her from accepting the role. But why? The rumour mills claim that Prabhas wants her to foray into Bollywood with only him and none else. If that is true, then he should have cast her in Saaho.

Sources have an explanation even for this. They say that Prabhas wanted a known face like Shraddha Kapoor for Bollywood entry. According to the rumour mill, Prabhas will launch her in Bollywood after Saaho.

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