Do you know these things about Tamannaah?

Updated By VankayaWed, 03/14/2018 - 11:47

Despite years in Tollywood, we know very little about Tamannaah. She never gives away much about herself. She is known as a thorough professional, a hard worker and a great dancer. But, her personal likes, dislikes, choices and other things are usually not very well known.

Here we are giving out those likes and dislikes of the one and the only milky beauty of Telugu industry. She doesn’t like Magenta colour. She likes Peparoni topping on a pizza. Do you know Tamannaah is a great foodie? But to maintain her looks, she is eating less and less as she is growing in age.

Ask her what she finds sexy in herself. Pat comes the reply. It’s her eyes. She says she likes to write. Her first celebrity crush is Hrithik Roshan. How does she sleep? She says she curls around her pillow and sleeps like a starfish. Rock Baby Rock brings tears and Hera Pheri gives her ROFL moment every time she watches it. She strongly feels 8 is unlucky for her.

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