Has this hot anchor been questioned by Interpol?

Updated By VankayaWed, 06/20/2018 - 14:52
Has this hot anchor been questioned by Interpol?

The Tollywood sex scandal with roots in the US is now causing tremors in the film world. The news that actress Mehreen Kaur, who was in the US to meet her parents, was questioned for over half-and-hour. 

Now it emerges that even a hot Tollywood anchor  too was questioned by the Interpol about the US based couple who ran the sex racket.  However, the anchor is yet to confirm about it.

With these news petering out, there is lot of disquiet among the Tollywood fraternity.  There are speculations about which other names would be be in the Interpol list. This whole affair is turning out to be a huge headache for the Tollywood, which is just out of the casting couch controversy.

 Few months ago, it was the drug scandal. Naturally, Tollywood is worried about its image and is worried where the latest controversy will take.

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