A junior artist gets emotional sharing her story

Updated By VankayaMon, 04/16/2018 - 14:23
roundtable debate

In Press Club, Hyderabad, a big roundtable debate happened between Sri Reddy, Junior artists, Senior women artists and Women activists. Sharing their stories many women lost their cool and one woman, Sona Rathod, started crying. 

Sri Reddy at the meet said, "I am here for every women. We are fighting for the dignity of women in acting field. Being an actress doesn't equal to being a prostitute. People here look at us like that and unable to bring these bigwigs out, I took it upon myself. Today, people talk cheaply about me, it is ok. I need a solution for this casting couch and I will fight till it ends." 

Apoorva said, "This is just not one woman fight. We do act because of we don't have any other job. If Government can provide us with a job or livelihood, we would love to come out of those people who look at us as prostitues." 

Many women have expressed their viewpoints like this. Sona Rathod while talking asked media to concentrate on bringing out the bigwigs names and she can take names openly. She cried out loud unable to control her emotion. 

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