Junior artiste's stunning comments on Pawan Kalyan

Updated By VankayaMon, 04/16/2018 - 20:42
pawan and junior artist

A junior artiste has made stunning allegations against no less a person than Power Star Pawan Kalyan. At a meeting of the junior artistes, she said Pawan Kalyan has a strange fetish. He wants to get massaged by women, especially Bengali girls.

What shocked everyone was that she made these comments in an open forum. Not just that! She said she was ready for an open debate on Pawan’s massage fetish. Such a serious allegation on such a big star is likely to cause tremors in the industry.

Even Sri Reddy has asked why Pawan Kalyan, who is fighting for the rights of the Telugus and is taking to streets, is asking her to approach the police instead of a public protest. Why is Pawan Kalyan not approaching the police or the court, she asked.

Coming as they are from minnows, their attacks are sure to make people sit up and think.

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