Know what Varun Tej said about Sri Reddy?

Updated By VankayaTue, 04/17/2018 - 16:52
Varun Tej And Sri Reddy

Starlet Sri Reddy crossed all limits when she abused Pawan Kalyan. The industry and the fans are livid at her choice of words. They slammed her for using unprintable words for Pawan.

Responding to her comments Pawan Kalyan tweeted: Don’t bother with hypocrites or judgemental people, who criticize you or put you down. They are too shallow to recognize their weaknesses. It’s easier for them to try and make others feel bad than to look into the mirror at their own pathetic behaviours.

Several fans and film industry personalities slammed her for her words. She used an unprintable word for Pawan while talking to media at Basheer bagh press club.  She also raised the issue of he marrying thrice.  Nithiin, a diehard fan of Pawan, has also responded with vehemence.

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