Madhavi Latha says casting couch is a hard reality

Updated By VankayaSat, 04/14/2018 - 10:49
Madhavi Latha

Madhavi Latha, the Nachavule, is the original whistle blower as far as casting couch is concerned. It is another matter that Sri Reddy stole her thunder with direction action and even public stripping. Yet. It was Madhavi Latha who first raised the issue.

She has recently posted  on her Facebook post a truly moving post about the dilemmas of young and upcoming actresses. She said most of them like to work and are in fact are doing everything they can to do a role in the films. But, a large number of them are ending up as victims of casting couch.

She said most girls fall prey to casting couch as they truly love to work in films. She wrote that sexual exploitation is not just limited to film industry, but exists in many other professions. She said there are many untold stories of woes and wails in every section of the society.

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