Mahesh Kathi vs Artist Sunitha

Updated By VankayaSun, 04/15/2018 - 11:45
Mahesh Kathi vs Artist Sunitha

Mahesh Kathi, the famous critic, is always in controversy. After clearing the issues with Pawan Kalyan fans and Janasena supporters, he is in a new dispute. An artist named Sunitha has come up with the allegations of sexual harrashment on Mahesh Kathi. Sunitha told that Mahesh Kathi used her forcefully and attempted to rape her. She added that Mahesh gave 500 rupees for going home.

Meanwhile, Mahesh Kathi has condemned these allegations and has come up with his version on the issue. He told that he is going to file a defamation case for 50 Lakhs on Sunitha.

"I consider women invaluable.I respect them and behave very friendly with them in life. If I love them, I tell them. If I desire them, I respectfully express it to them directly. If they say NO, I take it as NO and continue with my respectful friendship with them. My morality is my personal choice. That is the virtue that I follow in my life.

Accusations on me are a part of conspiracy. It has nothing to do with the ongoing discussions on casting couch in TFI.Report of sexual violence has no basis what so ever. In order to prove it, I am filing a defamation suit worth 50 Lakhs on the woman accusing me of it. I need not explain my stand to women in my life, friends and Individuals who know me. However, I felt it is necessary to put out a public statement to avoid unnecessary speculations on the issue." posted Kathi Mahesh.

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