Manjula's Manasuku Nacchindi Movie Review!!

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Manasuku Nacchindi Movie Review

Nature is our mother, father and everything. We don't really respect it as much as it deserves. In fact, we abuse it so much that it seems like an abusive marriage between two warring parties. So, how can we convert this into a love affair? What can we really do? 

Sandeep Kishan after some disappointing results at the box office like Nakshatram, C/O Surya and Project Z, is coming with this movie, Manasuku Nacchindi. Manjula Ghattamaneni is debuting as the director and writer, with this movie. What did she try to tell through this film? Will it be a comeback for Sandeep Kishan? 


Suraj (Sandeep Kishan) and Nithya (Amyra Dastur) are close friends. They elope on their wedding day as they feel their parents did not understand their relationship as friends. They go to GOA and announce that they will try to find themselves. 

There, Nithya starts her morning yoga classes and Suraj, tries to find his passion, photography. He gets an opportunity because of his friends and Nikki (Tridha Choudary), his new girlfriend. Nithya also finds Abhay but she understands that she is in love with Suraj. What happens next? Will Suraj accept her love? See the film for the answers ..


Sandeep Kishan is not suitable for the extremely urbane roles and this is his worst possible performance. He can do much much better than this but he sleep walks through most of the movie. He couldn't really bring out the essence of the character as much as we expect from him. 

Amyra Dastur is a good actress but she is not used as much as the character requires. She did try her best but we cannot really connect with the character. Her role comes off as preachy and hippe without a purpose. 

All others including, Nazaar, Poonarnavi Bhopalam and Tridha Choudary are wasted in inconsequential roles. But they did give their best. 


Cinematography by Ravi Yadav, is truly classy. The way he presents nature with his lenses, we can really fall in love with it. The rich visuals and concepts that he explores with lighting and camera movement, we really have to appreciate for working so hard. 

Music by Radhan is a good one. The album has a great mix of his melodies and coming of age concepts. But they don't really stay with us after the movie. 

Writer and Director, Manjula tried her best to bring out the concepts she really felt with heart. But the way she presented them in a old and tacky love story is unforgivable. The concepts needed to reflect in visuals and characters rather than in voice overs. Even the dialogues try to represent her ideas so bluntly that it gets too preachy and life sucking after a point. 

The concept of loving ourselves to love the nature and understand the love that nature shows to us is good but the execution is very very poor. She needed a good script and even more competitive writing. All in all, this is a bad attempt with good intentions, from her part. 


Soundtrack composed by Radhan. 

Cinematography by Ravi Yadhav 


Performances of the cast. 

Lousy screenplay

Preachy dialogues 

Lacklustre Narration 

Too lengthy monologues.


The movie needed a good script and cohesive writing. It just tries to follow the heart of the director but doesn't really get them on paper or on screen well enough. It is not easy to include a message like save nature or love nature, as it can easily become preachy. Unfortunately, the movie falls prey of lousy writing. 

Rating: 1.5/5  

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