Mohan Babu's daring comments on Chandrababu, Lokesh

Updated By VankayaSun, 02/11/2018 - 18:19
Mohan Babu's daring comments on Chandrababu, Lokesh

Mohan Babu has made stinging comments on the AP Government in his latest film Gayatri. The dialogues have become talk of the town and have left the ruling Telugu Desam people red-faced. Mohan Babu did not leave both Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh in his sarcasm-laced witty dialogues.

The rough translation of these comments is as follows: One says that she has studied physics in BCom.Another says he did HEC in BSc. One can’t even pronounce Sarvabhouma and ends up muttering ‘sarva bhou bhou ….’. One asks people not to walk on the roads he laid if they did not vote for him. The first part of the dialogue refers to turncoat MLA Jaleel Khan. The second part refers to the fiasco that Lokesh Babu caused while taking oath. The third dialogue refers to Chandrababu himself.

These dialogues are evoking great response in the theatre and it is clear that he has targeted the TDP. Now, the TDP wags are quick to attribute motives and are claiming that Mohan Babu could contest elections on YSRCP ticket.

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