Mohan Babu's Gayatri Movie Review!!

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Mohan Babu's Gayatri Movie Review!!

Manchu Mohan Babu is one of the few legendary actors in Telugu Cinema at present. He gave many characters life on screen and undeniably a performer who deserves all the praise he got over the years. But can his performance save a film? Does he still command a connect with audience? Is Gayatri his comeback to box office prominence?? 


Sivaji (Mohan Babu) is a do-gooder and a great stage actor. He helps political criminals to roam outside while he takes their place in the jail. He can imitiate any person but just watching them once. He runs an orphan house, Sarada Sadan for all children. He donates all the money he earns to these orphan houses as he thinks at least one of those houses has his long lost child there. 

On the other hand, Gayatri (Nikhila Vimal) is being chased by people to kill. She is saved by Sivaji once. He gets to know that she is his daughter but she hates her father to the core. How will he change her heart? What role does Gayatri Patel (Mohan Babu) play in this story? Watch the movie on screen to know more ..


Mohan Babu delivered a good performance as Gayatri. He looked completely in command on screen when he is playing Gayatri Patel. As Sivaji, he seemed to be a bit confused in various close ups. May be he did those shots as a patch work but as Gayatri Patel he did full justice to the few scenes he is in. 

Manchu Vishnu did a good job in imitating his father from his prime days. But he couldn't really bring out the real essence of the character to connect the audience. Shriya Saran looked in top form in her small character. She seems to have mastered performing as a love interest to senior heroes in flash backs. 

Nikhila Vimal is as routine as any living young heroine from 90's films who are used to playing such roles. All other actors showed decent respect to legend Mohan Babu in their performances. 


Gautham Raju, the editor of the film, did his best to keep the proceedings interesting. He did try to make sense of the story to keep everything engaging. Still, his editing did not add up to the whole film in anyway. 

Sarvesh Murari, the Cinematographer of the movie tried his best level to give quality in the budget he seems to have been given. He showed Mohan Babu younger than his age. 

SS Thaman scored the music and back ground themes in this movie. But his music seemed completely rehashed. In BGM,  he scored decent marks. 

Madan, the director did not really bring the freshness in the story. His direction is lacklustre and very dated. Even Mohan Babu looked very confused in few scenes. He needed to use the talent in his hand as much as he can. But he couldn't bring in such newness to the dated story. Had he concentrated on showing Shivaji and Gayatri Patel story rather than just Shivaji's story, the movie could have been even more interesting. Mohan Babu and other writers who worked on the screenplay didn't really use the Trump card in their story clever enough. 


Mohan Babu's performance.

Shriya's performance. 

Vishnu's screen presence.


Lacklustre Screenplay

Dated story. 

Underwhelming direction. 

Not using the characters properly, mainly, Gayatri Patel. 

Too age old formula scenes. 


This movie can be categorised as a missed opportunity. Madan and other crew members, tried their best to bring out the essence of the story but approached it in a dated way. They needed to understand, what is the major driving force and interesting element of this story. A 15 to 20 minutes sequence has been stretched over 2 hrs and the interesting part is crammed and squeezed in last 20 mins. This approach made the movie felt completely dated and uninteresting. You may watch the movie if you love Mohan Babu. 

Rating: 2/5


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