Nani's KrishnaArjuna Yuddham Movie Review!!

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KrishnaArjuna Yuddham Movie Review

Nature has its own ways of bringing two people together, they could be lovers, friends, or even two people who have similar personalities and face. We witnessed two people, Krishna from Akkurthi in Chittoor meeting Arjun, a Rockstar from Prague over an issue. Their meeting did not seem too necessary than just a coincidence. Well, is it a happy one or a sad one? Let's discuss ...

Natural Star Nani acted as Krishna and Arjuna in his latest offering, KrishnaArjuna Yuddham. While in puranas (Mythological books) Krishna and Arjuna are said to Nara and Narayana, who are one soul divided into two one representing eternal omnipresent soul of Universe and the other is the embodiment of Humanness in the Universe. Do these two Krishna and Arjuna in this film, have similar personalities? Is there any link from mythology for these two character names? 


Krishna (Nani) from Akkurthi, Chittoor has a tendency to flirt with girls and propose to them. But his heart is very pure and he respects women. He hopes to befriend a girl for marriage and hence he keeps proposing to them. A city girl, Riya (Ruksar Mir) who is the village head's grand daughter, finds Krishna intersting and likes him. They develop a friendship and it slowly becomes love. 

On the other hand, Arjun (Nani), a Rockstar of Telugu origin in Prague, doesn't care for women feelings. All he has is lust for them and keeps changing girlfriends like toys. He can make any girl go weak in the knees for him in two minutes. For the first time, Subbalakshmi (Anupama Parameswaran) challenges his belief and makes him realise that love is more pure than lust. But she doesn't accept his love. Both the girls go missing in Hyderabad and guys start searching for them in the city. What happened to them? Did they find their love interests? Will Arjun be accepted by Subbalakshmi? What will happen to Krishna and Riya? Watch the film for answers 


Nani in a dual role tried to give a performance that is differentianle enough from one character to another. Except for his Chittoor slang of Telugu and few nuances here and there, he did not change much between two characters. From an actor like Nani, we expect a bit more than this. He did a job that is adequate enough but he could have pushed himself a bit more. 

Anupama Parameswaran did not look convincing at all in this movie. Her chemistry with Nani is not captivating enough for us to wish that they are a couple. New girl, Ruksar and Nani had better chemistry. Their pairing seemed more organic and captivating enough. Ruksar did good job for her character.

Mahesh Vitta, Sudarshan, Brahmaji did their best in few moments they got to shine. Prabhas Sreenu did leave an impression, Hari Teja did not get a considerable role.


Karthik Ghattamaneni, the Cinematographer, sure understands the theme of the film and tries to go accordingly in fixing his frames. But in this film, his frames did not add required energy to the proceedings. Trying to elevate Nani like a Mahesh Babu or Pawan Kalyan, did not work in favour of the film.

Hip-hop Thamizha's music is good to hear and his background score is pulsating enough. But the scenes did overall execution did not help him in elevating the mood of the scene. Picturization of songs was also not upto expectations.

Editor Satya couldn't have made better cut out of the material. But there are many speed breakers in Second half and even in first hour, everything doesn't seem as organic as it needed to be on paper.

Writer-Director, Merlapaka Gandhi depends more on comedy to tell his story. Romance in his previous films, Venkatadri Express and Express Raja, has been the weakest link. Here, he tried to mix romance and thriller genre just like Gulabi, Sahasam Swasaga Saagipo where the love story suddenly meets a tragic twist and the story changes entirely.

We can understand his vision to deliver a compelling message to those men who see women as lust objects but for that dual role seems to be a stretch. With Arjun character he tried to show how lust for women is giving business to few vested interests as it is played by Nani, he couldn't go too dark with the character. Also, Nani tried his best but he looked more believable as Krishna than Arjun. Gandhi in trying to make the dual role work, wrote a parallel timeline screenplay, but that did not help the movie set a consistent tone. We feel something is always missing through out the film. 


Nani's performance as Krishna 

Few comedy scenes 

Nani-Ruksar chemistry 

Music by Hip-hop Thamizha


High creative liberties in the screenplay 

Many unnecessary jumps 

Slow pace narration that doesn't fit story 

Very mediocre execution


Nani has been getting some layoffs with his story selection. His highly routine films have also found box office moolah. He tried a complete old story with old narration with a new twist of dual action. While for his performance, the movie is ok but the screenplay is highly patience testing and coincidental than clever.

Merlapaka Gandhi managed to impress with his comic sense and screenplay in Venkatadri Express but in Express Raja he showed signs of dejavu. Here again he tries to tell a story but doesn't really care to dwell into detailing that helps the movie to become better. The movie is enjoyable in parts and patience tester at many places. It ends up as an one time watch with high difficulty.

Rating: 2.25/5 



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