Natakam Movie Review

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Natakam Movie Review

Young filmmakers in Telugu Film Industry are coming up with different and weird ideas. But not every idea deserves to be made into a film. With the inspiration of RX100 and Arjun Reddy, new low budget movie Natakam release today. How is the movie? Let's discuss 


Balakoteshwara Rao (Ashish Gandhi) falls in love with Parvathy (Ashima Nerwal). They both have a very intimate relation and the entire village is unable to identify Koti's love for her. Why do they feel so? What happens to their love? Who is Koti? Watch movie for the answers 


Ashish Gandhi has ease in his body language but someone else had to dub for him which takes away at least 50% of his effort to judge if he has ability to  deliver a line well enough. 

Ashima Nerwal is beautiful but she cannot act. She is a plain pretty face and that's all even the director wanted, one feels. All other actors delivered forgettable performances. 


Garuda Vega Anji have visuals to this movie. He did his job better than the movie deserves. The script wasted his talent. 

Sai Kartheek scored songs and BGM for this movie. While for few scenes he scored well at many places he just filled the gaps with music. 

Manikanth, the editor of the movie should be awarded for being able to make sense of this ridiculous script. He needs to be given another award for even being able to cut the footage into a movie. 

Kalyanji Gogana, the writer and director made a film that doesn't make any sense even to him when he watches it after an year or two. The writing in this film is episodic and incoherent. Even the base point is very ridiculous that we don't really feel any empathy for any character. And when he makes fun of his own story, the emotional centre of the film, we tend to just laugh out loud on his thought process. This film is a mess and in the name of being different it comes out plain ridiculous. 


Sai Kartheek's BGM & songs 

Cinematography is decent 

Ashima is beautiful 


Ridiculous Story 

Bad Screenplay 

Very amateurish direction 

Lackluster characters 


Making a movie doesn't mean making something ridiculous that doesn't make any sense. Emotional connect with a character is really must even for a weird thing to make sense. Rather this entire film is a mixture of moments that reallly make us question if we are alive or ghosts watching an immaturely written film with even bad execution. 

Rating: 1.75/5 


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