Nawab Movie Review

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Nawab Movie Review

One of the most respected filmmakers in India and the man who gave many classics like Geethanjali, Nayagan, Thalapathi, Mani Ratnam is back with his latest offering in mafia genre, Nawab. The movie released on 27th September, let's discuss how did he perform this time around ...


Mafia don Bhoopathi (Prakash Raj) gets attacked by a group of thugs when he is returning from temple.  He escapes from the attack. His sons - Varada (Aravind Swamy), Thyagu (Arun Vijay) and Rudra (Silambarasan) unite to find the murderer. A gang war ensues and the total city is under high alert. 

Suspended Inspector Rasool (Vijay Sethupathi) turns out to be friend of Varada and he starts helping him out about in finding the real attackers. But a war for successor to Bhoopati ensues too. Who is behind the attacks? Where does the war lead to? Watch movie on screen for answers


Aravind Swamy is very good in the film and he got the best character in the film. He is the main asset in the film. Vijay Sethupathi has a delightful screen presence and he behaves like a character too. 

Silambarasan gets another meaty role and he syncs his teeth in a character after a long time. Jyothika, Arun Vijay are very good and perfectly cast in their roles. 

Prakash Raj, Aishwarya Rajesh, Diana Errappa, Jayasudha and Thyagarajan are very good in the film. 


AR Rahman's background score for the film is a big asset and his songs also just add to the emotions on the screen than stopping the narrative at any moment. 

A Sreekar Prasad has sharp scissors and he showed why again. He did not let any moment to overlast it's welcome and delivered a clean cut. 

Santosh Shivan's visuals are top notch. His staging and lighting techniques are edgy at the same time text book perfect too

Mani Ratnam is a master writer and filmmaker. This time around he concentrated on writing a crisis in a highly powerful family of crooks, who are questionable moral center and ethics. How do they try to ascend to the chair and are not trustworthy is well-written and even better executed. He could have given more back story and detailing to some characters but for the story he wanted to narrate, he did his best in recent times. 


Actors performances 

Visuals of Santhosh Shivan 

Sreekar Prasad's crispy editing 

Good Direction 

Engaging Screenplay 

AR Rahman's BG Score 


A little one sided characters 

Slight unconvincing twist in the end 


When you see a movie from master craftsman like Mani Ratnam, we expect nothing but perfect from him. Hence, whenever he fails even by slightest margin, the movie feels overly experimental and boring. This time he tried to play for the masses but did not leave out basics of filmmaking and writing. Even though he left out several characters, he concentrated narrating just a crisis that ensues in a crime family where no one in the family can be trusted. Mani Ratnam expertly brings out all the emotions and also makes a pleasing commercial film out of it, without any boring moment. You can definitely watch it for the weekend.  

Rating: 2.5/5 


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