Nikesha clarifies on marriage with Prabhu Deva

Updated By VankayaMon, 05/14/2018 - 10:11
Nikesha clarifies on marriage with Prabhu Deva

Some times, utterances said in banter become controversial. Puli heroine Nikesha Patel has learnt it the hard way. The otherday, someone asked her about Prabhu Deva. She said she loves him and would like to marry hm. She also said that both the family members know each other very well. The media lapped this up and began doling out story after story about how Nikesha and Prabhu Deva were marrying.

Realising that the things were going too far, Nikesha has tweeted that what she said was jocular and that she is currently spending time with her family. She said Pawan was a friend and well-wisher for her. Her PRO too refuted these stories and said that she only likes Prabhu Deva’s work and that there was no question of marrying him.

So far so good! But what about the pic of hers with Prabhu deva that is circulating on social media?

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