Nithiin's Chal Mohan Ranga Movie Review

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Chal Mohan Ranga Movie Review

Love is seen as universe and destiny guiding us to find our life partner. Even when we know that this person we met will be correct for us to spend our life, we hesitate due to many reasons. But if Universe wants us to 'settle' with that particular person no matter what it guides us to them through extra-ordinary or ordinary situations. Such ordinarily extra-ordinary love story, Chal Mohan Ranga. 

Nithiin and Megha Akash starrer, Chal Mohan Ranga released on 5th April, 2018. Trivikram Srinivas and Pawan Kalyan produced the film with Sudhacar Reddy. Trivikram also gave the story for the movie. Krishna Chaitanya of Rowdy Fellow, directed this movie. Let's see how it is ... 


Mohan Ranga (Nithiin) meets Megha (Megha Akash) as a nine year old for the first time. After that due to a stranger old lady (Rohini Hattangidi), he believes that if a thing happens the second time, it will repeat for the third time too. So, he meets Megha for the second time but he could meet her the third time, she flies to America.

He forgets about her but remembers to go America and settle down there. He meets her accidentally and due to her, he finds a way to get a job in USA. In grows there over an year well enough. But he feels there is a void is his life, to get a clarity about that he comes to India. He finds out that Megha is getting married to someone else. What will he do now? Did he love her? If he did, will she reciprocate? How will they realise? Watch the movie for answers


Nithiin after A..Aa, did a similar kind of role that fits his body language and looks. He maintained a good chemistry with Megha Akash and changed his normal dialogue delivery style for the character. His comic timing too improved a lot. Still, in few emotional scenes he looked a bit artificial. If he can iron it out, he can be called the most reliable performer in Telugu Cinema now.

Megha Akash looked cute and bubbly. The character suited her body language and she did really well. But she did look blank in few scenes where she needed to show emotions. She needs to work on that. Lizzy did not look her usual self in this comeback. 

Naresh, Pammi Srinu, Pragati, Madhu, Prabhas Sreenu, Sanjay Swaroop, Rao Ramesh did their best in usual characters.


Story by Trivikram Srinivas reminds us of few English films but the way it is built on the premise of Destiny guiding these two, needs to be complimented. The director seems to have written few scenes too for the film as there is a difference between his scenes and written by others.

Cinematography by Natty aka Natarajan Subramaniam is very good. The senior camera person understood the requirement of the story and gave it such look, visual appeal to keep the audience engaged in the proceedings.

Music by S Thaman is good for hears and his BGM is good too. But it seemed like Thaman fixated on using just violins for the score as it got too heavily dominated by one instrument and one instrument only. Still, it is good for the movie and its narrative structure.

Editor SR Sekhar tried to keep the scenes at right pace and see that the movie did not lag too much. But the narrative structure forced the second half to drag on and on. Had the director come up with interesting scenes there, it would have been better.

Writer-Director Krishna Chaitanya, tried to keep the movie as visual as he can but he needed to depend on dialogues to bring out the character motivations clearly. His writing is good in major scenes but week in comedy scenes. It looked like unnecessarily scenes have been dragged on to meet a runtime requirement. Especially in second hour, such scenes dominated the movie more than the emotions between the main leads. Had he iron out them in the screenplay it would have been much better film.


Nithiin-Megha chemistry

Comedy scenes that worked out hilariously

Visual story telling in few major scenes 

Engaging narration 


Drag in the second hour with unnecessary scenes 

Patience testing pace in finding a resolution to main story 

A premise that is not entirely convincing 

Dependency on comedy than story 


Trivikram Srinivas made a name for himself by writing two hour screenplays with wafer-thin plots that could be concluded in one hour or one sentence. Such different style to include all the necessary commercial elements in story narrative structure made him so popular that people call him Guruji now. 

But that style if narrative seems to have become too predictable these days and even dated too. There is a requirement for updating himself and even those who want to follow his style should identify that. On the whole, even though movie seems to be highly simple it is engaging in major scenes and enjoyable in bits and pieces. The team is talented enough to pull off much better film but still made a safe and enjoyable film that we can consider for weekend fun.

Rating: 2.75/5 


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