No Takers For Manchu Vishnu

Updated By VankayaMon, 03/12/2018 - 16:14
Manchu Vishnu

Nageshwar Reddy G is a successful director in the industry who made small budgeted flicks. The director teamed up with Manchu Vishnu twice with the films Dhenikaina Ready and Aado Rakam Eedo Rakam. 

Both the movies proved as hits at the box office, and the combination collaborated for the third time again in the form of Aachari America Yatra. ML Kumar Chowdary is the producer of the movie. The film that was supposed to hit the screens by now got postponed due to uncertain reasons.

The hero and director announced that they are teaming up immediately after Aachari America Yatra, but it looks like there are some problems in the film hitting the floors. As no producer is willing to come forward, Mohan Babu planned to bankroll the movie. With the failure of Gayathri, Mohan Babu incurred losses, and he is willing to stay away from production for some time. Even Vishnu is looking for a producer to avoid the risk of losing money.

It looks like Vishnu and the Manchu family is going through tough times.

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