Now, Pawan talks of plans to eliminate him

Updated By VankayaSat, 09/29/2018 - 12:28
Now, Pawan talks of plans to eliminate him

He may be a swashbuckling hero on the Silver Screen. But, Pawan Kalyan seems to be floundering and appears to be losing sense of direction in politics. His moves indicate that he has given up the very objectives for which he had entered politics.

He said he had come into politics to question the powers that be. But, till now, his party does not have a proper organizational structure. He said he would ask tough questions, but became Chandrababu’s quisling soon after. He said he would stand guarantee for the assurances that Chandrababu has given. Everyone knows what happened later.  Now he has again jumped into the fray. But, beyond some statements, he has not done anything worth the while.

Now, he has begun singing a new tune. He says some people are trying to kill him. Many see this as no more than a ploy to get sympathy votes. But, Pawan tried the trick earlier too. Earlier he had said that the YSRCP would have got killed him if it came to power. He now says that he knows about those who want him killed. But did not name them. If he doesn’t name them, it tantamount to making wild and baseless allegations. One only hopes Pawan reveals infor about who is trying to kill him.

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