Pawan backs out from Srikakulam visit

Updated By VankayaWed, 02/21/2018 - 17:38

Pawan Kalyan has cancelled his much-publicised Srikakulam tour. His party has officially announced this. The tour, according to informed sources,had to cancelled as Pawan realized that he was caught in a caste cleft stick and has gullibly walked into Chandrababu’s trap.

During the elections, Chandrababu promised to include fisherfolk in the ST category. This announcement brought a rift between the tribals, who opposed their inclusion, and the fisherfolk.This also led to violent protests and clashes between both the groups. Unaware of this conundrum, Pawan walked into Chandrababu’s trap and demanded ST scatus for the fisherfolk.

He said he would come to Srikakulam to fight on behalf of the fisherfolk.  Expectedly, this sparked an angry reaction from the tribals, who threatened to disrupt Pawan’s meetings in north Andhra. Afraid of the reaction, Pawan has now cancelled his tour of Srikakulam.

Pawan’s bête noire Kathi Mahesh said this has exposed Pawan Kalyan’s lack of understanding and naivette. He said this showed his lack of understanding.

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