Is Pawan benefiting YSRCP?

Updated By VankayaTue, 02/06/2018 - 18:33
Is Pawan benefiting YSRCP?

Pawan Kalyan did the most unexpected by going over to Minister Paritala Sunitha’s home in Anantapur. He also started meeting TDP leaders, MLAs and an MLA who defected from the YSRCP into the TDP.

Those close to him say the move is aimed at putting a lid on the stories doing rounds that Paritala Ravi has got Pawan’s head shaved off. This visit would make his fans counter the rumours saying why would someone who has been tonsured by Paritala Ravi would go to his house?

Or it may be that Pawan is trying to indirectly indicate which side he is going to be on in the next elections. Till now, he has met only Chandrababu Naidu and has never met any TDP minister. By meeting Paritala Sunitha, he is perhaps indicating that he is going to be with theTDP. What more, he held one-on-one talks with TDP MLAs Badeti Bujji and Prabhakar Chowdary. This is an indication that he is going to be with the TDP.

Political pundits say that this move could benefit the YSRCP as the people can make a choice. If Pawan and TDP are on one side, anti TDP votes might not split and might go en block to theYSRCP. Had Pawan been anti-TDP, he would surely have eaten into YS Jagan’s votes.

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