Pawan Kalyan supports Sri Reddy

Updated By VankayaSat, 04/14/2018 - 16:52
pawan and sri reddy

Sri Reddy, the actress from Telugu Cinema Industry, has been coming out naming few of the vultures who have been taking advantage of young women, who came to become actresses, in the name of casting couch. 

She is gaining support from many women activists and now Pawan Kalyan, chief of JanaSena and popular star of Telugu Cinema, also responded on the issue. 

He said, "JanaSena stands for all the women. When I have encountered such acts against women during my film shoots, I tried to stop them. There is no use in going to media houses with these issues. I would suggest her and many more to go to court and fight these people with strong laws rather than just discussing them media studios." 

He also responded that the rape has become an easy offensive act against women by men in India and asked Central Government to bring strong acts against it.

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