Power Star's Tirupati yatra on foot gets mixed reactions

Updated By VankayaMon, 05/14/2018 - 19:39

Pawan Kalyan’s walkathon in Tirupati is the talk of the town. The Power Star climbed up the stairs on the walkway to Tirupati from Alipiri point. Along the rourte, Pawan appeared quite exhausted and slumped into stone benches along the walk way.

A video of him finding it difficult to even ligh a lamp is also doing rounds. Many of those who watched the pics and the clips are wondering how he could take up the responsibility of the state as a politician, if he tires so easily.

But, many more as also praising his simplicity.He was found sitting on the roadside like any other normal pilgrim. A stray dog sat by his side and a garbage bin on the other side. He chatted away freely with everyone and had no airs. Pawan has also earned a name for announcing programs with much fanfare and calling them off without giving any valid reasons.


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