Prabhu Deva's Mercury Movie Review

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Mercury Movie Review

In a world of silence, we just suffer all the harmful affects of others actions. We neither have voice to speak out nor do we look to hear and heed to the sound advice. Unknowingly, we push others to blindly suffocate and suffer as we don't try to hear and care about their problems. This is what Karthik Subbaraj's Mercury tries to communicate in his 110 minutes about how Corporate, ate Earth. 


It is hard to concise this film as a story as it is more based and developed on an idea to discuss a huge social evil, we let blossom for selfish reasons. Anyways, will try to avoid spoilers and tell it in short.

In a town which is affected by Corporate Earth, whose chemical waste causes for Mercury poisoning, Hope blossoms when children who are affected by mercury poisoning, get good education and opportunities in outside world. Five of the old students come to the town to give hope to others. But they end up causing an accident which leads to a mess. Could they escape it? Are they at fault? Watch the movie for answers ...


Prabhu Deva as a person who cannot talk and see, gave one of his best performs in his long career. His portrayal of his character is highly emotional and engaging. His addition to this cast made the film more believable and haunting.

Sanath Reddy and other actors who played the characters of young successful people from the town, who cannot hear and talk. They did adequate job for their characters. 


The movie belongs to technicians more than any others. Sound Department headed by Kunal Rajan, really should be applauded for their efforts. They created a marvel.

Next appreciation should go to Cinematographer Thiru. He maintained a great clarity in visuals even though most of it was shot in dark. The movie really shines because of his work. 

Santhosh Narayanan gave haunting Back Ground score to the film. It has a weirdly soothing feeling but haunts us through out the run-time in the cinema hall.

Editor Vivek Harshan also managed a comprehensive cut for the film, without missing details. The pace is never a matter as the story needed to move at such pace that we believe things are happening in real-time.

Writer-Director Karthik Subbaraj is a master story teller and technically sound too. But this time, he got highly carried away with the idea and couldn't construct a good screenplay that keeps audience at the edge of the seat. As it is promoted as a horror film, we get few thrills but the chills that Don't Breathe kind of movie could give were highly missing. This aspect makes the movie high on ambition and less on delivery.


Prabhu Deva's performance

Engaging enough execution 

Good Back Ground score

Clever premise for keeping things silent 


Thrills go flat 

Doesn't really deliver a lasting impact 

We miss the human connect even though the story is good 


Karthik Subbaraj after Iraivi delivered another film that is highly intelligent and self aware of what message it wants to deliver. But similar to Iraivi, his film gets diluted due to pacing and fails under his ambition to establish every minute detail with great attention. 

This makes people feel like they need extreme amounts of patience to sit through the film. Even though there are thrills you don't really feel the impact and neither connect completely emotional. The film ends up as a good experiment that could have ended up as a Pushpak but ends up as a good effort. 

Rating: 2.25/5 


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