Producer, hero cold war over heroine

Updated By VankayaTue, 02/06/2018 - 18:20
Producer, hero cold war over heroine

Usually, it is the director who chooses the heroine. But, in Tollywood, the story is different. The heroes decide who they want to work with. Recently a big name has begun a project with a top hero. The  director wanted one particular heroine, while the hero had another heroine, currently working in Tamil and Kannada films, in mind. Finally, hero prevailed. But, realizing that the hero was interested in her, the heroine has upped her remuneration by an additional Rs 25 lakh.

Left with no alternative, the producers signed the lady. But, the director is resorting to nagging and nit-picking. He has begun complaining about her. He has started shooting the schedules very late and is delaying things. While the producers have deep pockets and do not seem to mind the budget overshoot for the present, there is every possibility that if the same trend continues, the film might even get shelved.

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