Is this producer hurrying Balayya and VV Vinayak?

Updated By VankayaSat, 04/14/2018 - 17:28
Balayya and VV Vinayak

The gossip mongers in Telugu Cinema need a new topic to talk about on daily basis and this time around they are talking about Balakrishna and VV Vinayak combination film.

This is a highly anticipated combination even though recent form of the director is giving danged signals to the fans of the actor. They VV Vinayak to find his Chennakesava Reddy form for Balakrishna.

But the producer, C. Kalyan is pushing the director and actor to start the film by 12th May, even though there is no story and Balakrishna is busy with NTR biopic. 

The producer wants to celebrate his and Balakrishna's Sankranthi hit, Jai Simha, 100 days, with the inauguration of this film it seems. Even though Sampath Nandi is ready with a story, Balakrishna wants to do VV Vinayak film first and then, Boyapati Srinu's film. 

Well, Balakrishna wants to hear to the line, before the shoot starts and VV Vinayak is busy coming up with a strong story line for the actor. We have to wait and see, if the movie pooja event will happen on 12th May. 

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