Rakul wants her man to be like this

Updated By VankayaFri, 02/09/2018 - 17:14
Rakul Preet singh

Rakul Preet’s Ayyaree is ready for release. So, she is on a promotion spree doing photoshoots and giving interviews. She did a hot photoshoot in a white attire for Maxim. The photoshoot was hot. But, the interview was hotter.

She revealed the qualities she needs in a man, who would be her life partner. She wants him to be atleast six feet. This means, half of India’s male population is ruled out. Rakul is 5.9 feet. So, she wants a taller guy.

On the professional front, she doesn’t have any Telugu film. Even in Hindi, she has just Ayyaree. Now, she is waiting for the right opportunities. Hope the bikini photoshoot for Maxim cover helps her.

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