Rapist Subbaiah is a TDP member: RK Roja

Updated By VankayaSun, 05/06/2018 - 13:30
RK Roja

YSRCP firebrand MLA RK Roja strongly criticized AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s comments on the Dachepalli rape case. She said Chandrababu was trying to whitewash the crime and was trying to cover up his crimes.

She claimed that Chandrababu Naidu has called on the kin of the 9-year-old rape victim only because of the pressure from the YSRCP. "There were several rapes in Guntur. Did Chandrababu console anyone except in Dachepalli case,” she asked. She also took strong objection to the Chief Minister revealing the identity of the victim and her kin by publicizing his photograph with them.

She said this was against the Apex Court directive and the accepted civic norms. She said rapist Subbaiah was a member of the ruling TDP and that the Government had allotted him a house as he was a TDP member. She said the local MLA had allocated the house to Subbaiah.

Roja said that the TDP leaders have a known history of women’s abuse. In the Rishiteshwari case, they settled the issue through monetary allurements. The call money sex racket was weakened as TDP men were involved in it. What happened to the assault on Guntur ZP chief, on MRO Vanajakshi or even IPS officer Subrahmanyam. After he came to power, Chandrababu has lifted 800 cases against the TDP leaders. She said the TDP has encouraged belt shops, promoted beach shows with bikini-wearing girls. It is because of such things athat the attacks on women are on the rise, she said.


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