RGV postpones Officer release

Updated By VankayaWed, 05/16/2018 - 09:51
RGV postpones Officer release

Ram Gopal Verma is gearing up to showcase Nagarjuna Akkineni as a brutal cop (the way he claims character to be), in his new movie, Officer. 

The movie trailers and teasers did not impress fans but the filmmaker as he is also the producer, is confident that the movie wil be better when you view it as a whole. 

He tweeted this morning that the movie has been postponed from 25th May to 1st June. He tweeted, 

"Since many technical elements of #Officer with regard to the best viewing experience are taking much longer than  initially planned  , we decided to postpone @iamnagarjuna  ‘s Officer release from 25 th May to 1st June"

Few people say that the movie is yet to be bought by any buyer and distribution rights haven't been sold yet. And few say that, Nag asked to improve on final quality in DI. We don't know the exact reasons, so we will go with RGV's reasoning and wait for the movie on 1st June, to see if Shiva combo can deliver after 29 years! 

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