Sai Dharam Tej's Inttelligent Movie Review!!

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Intteligent Movie Review

Sai Dharam Tej is one of the likeable young actors of Telugu Cinema. But he has been giving flops these days and slowly losing his audience. This time, he came up with Inttelligent, the regular commercial formula film. VV Vinayak,  directed the film and it released on 9th February. Let's see how it is ..


Sai Dharam Tej (his name in the film too), is one of the most talented software engineers in the  country. He keeps getting offers to change the company, he is working for. As the head of the company, Nandakishore (Nasser) helped him in his childhood to study and achieve his dreams, Sai never wants to break his trust and relation. 

One day, he gets attacked by goons of Vicky Bhai (Rahul Dev). He decides to say Sorry for them and thinks the matter will end there. But next day, his owner Nandakishore gets killed and a girl Nandini is rushed to hospital. Dharma takes the avatar of Dharma Bhai and kills, every goon of Vicky Bhai. Vicky decides to enter all by himself. What happens next? Why Nandakishore got killed? What will Dharma Bhai do? Watch movie for answers. 


Sai Dharam Tej did not look like he is really interested in performing in this movie. It felt like he knew how to act and did it without really concentrating on it. His dances, fights, expressions all looked like he is going through the motions. This is a bad sign for him, so early in his career. At a time, when he needs to improve film after film, this is just too lazy from him.

Lavanya Tripathi looked clueless and danced robotically as she just needed to complete a shot. Akula Siva, Posani Krishna Murali, Bhramanandam, Sapthagiri, Rahul Ramakrishna, Rahul Dev were just there to fill up the space. 

Nasser, Shiyaji Shinde, Ashish Vidyarthi tried to infuse some life but failed. All other actors like Jayaprakash Narayana, Fish Venkat and others are just used as the film needed some footage to be called one. 


Gautham Raju, did use his scissors to cut off all the unnecessary scenes and parts. Still, the movie looked too long and boring. Had he tried to cut the scenes further, there would have been no movie to talk about. 

Vishweshwar, the Cinematographer of the film looked like a third assistant of Chota K. Naidu who learnt how to light up a set and shoot a scene. He doesn't really inspire us to write about us work. 

SS Thaman seems to have fallen asleep while composing for this movie. He just remixed his old tunes and other tunes that inspired him. The most hyped Chamaku Chamaku Cham is also remixed in the worst possible way. 

VV Vinayak, the director of the film seems to have lost his touch in creating good enough mass masala films. This looks so lazy product that Vinayak who made much silly films like Badrinath, Yogi is better than this version of him. Those films had a scenic flow and sustainability. This film fails on each and every level of filmmaking. 


Not applicable 


Actors performances 

Songs that feel like remixes. 

Lasy Screenplay

Lousy Fights 

Uninspiring narration. 

Silly script


VV Vinayak needs to come out of his comfort zone and try something new. He seems to be thinking filmmaking is simple and easy. This lazy effort of filmmaking proves that he made a film taking audience for granted or some other reasons. May be a good break from work will help him find the spark again. Lavanya should try to find better scripts and Sai Dharam Tej needs to find better makers who can inspire him. 

Rating: 1.5/5 

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