Savitri biopic, Mahanati teaser is here

Updated By VankayaSat, 04/14/2018 - 20:41
,Savitri biopic, Mahanati teaser

Mahanati is one of the rare films from Telugu Cinema Industry about one if its legends. 

Savitri, the actress is known as the pinnacle in performance and the epitome of Telugu lady on-screen. Her image has been alive still today in Telugu peoples hearts.

Nag Ashwin, the director has been able to take her story and present it from a journalist point of view with Mahanati film. The teaser shows how, well he has planned everything but Keerthy Suresh looks wise seems compelling but to match talent of Savitri is a tough task.

The teaser does give an evidence to that but if we take off screen behavior of Savitri, then Keerthy Suresh can score marks there. This seems to be a film, where for attempt we can score marks to the producers and actors. 

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