Sri Reddy slaps herself in the name of Pawan Kalyan

Updated By VankayaMon, 04/16/2018 - 22:00
pawan and sri reddy

Actress Sri Reddy recently thanked Pawan Kalyan for supporting her and she said that this will be a big boost for her in her fight. 

Today, she took a U-Turn at the press event in Hyderabad. She called him a foul word and said, "I should have never trust a person who married three times in his life. I will hit myself for trusting him." 

Saying this she hit herself with the slipper and continued to talk about her future plans. Looking at how Pawan Kalyan fans reacted against Mahesh Kathi and the debate went on for months, Sri Reddy might turn up as the next debate topic with fans of Pawan Kalyan already going crazy. 

Whatever she shouldn't have used such foul language at this point of time against a political leader and popular hero. We hope, Pawan Kalyan fans show restraint and not abuse Sri Reddy, to make her another Kathi Mahesh.  

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