Is TDP trying to buy more YSRCP MLAs?

Updated By VankayaSun, 03/11/2018 - 11:37

Are YSRCP’s worst fears of horse trading coming true? Vijay Sai Reddy, the party general secretary and the Rajya Sabha MP, has alleged that the TDP was trying to lure YSRCP MLAs to win the third Rajay Sabha seat.

Proving that his fears were not completely unfounded, YSRCP-turned-TDP MLA and Minister Adinarayana Reddy on Saturday told the mediapersons that his party would win the third Rajya Sabha seat as some YSRCP MLAs would switch sides.

Normally, the TDP has enough seats to win two seats and YSRCP one. But, if there is a fourth candidate in the fray from the TDP, the party would try to lure YSRCP MLAs to win the seat. The TDP had already lured 23 MLAs. In fact, Adinarayana Reddy is one of them.

Though the TDP is till now claiming that it will contest only two seats, it is known to spring suprises. If it wants the third seat too, then it could resort to horse-trading.


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