Untold Story Of Sobhan Babu and Jayalalitha

Updated By VankayaWed, 05/16/2018 - 11:15
Sobhan Babu and Jayalalitha

The linked rumors are quite common in TFI if they find any star hero having a close association with a heroine. One such story that created so many controversies in the film industry is the rumored affair between Sobhan Babu and Jayalalitha.

Till today many believe that the affair is true, but putting an end to all those speculations, lyricist and writer Aarudra's wife Rama Lakshmi, shared some interesting facts about their relationship in a recent interview.  

She stated that Sobhan Babu never had a relationship with Jayalalitha and they are good souls. As Sobhan Babu's wife is not so beautiful, people started spreading rumors about the duo. But the actor always loves his wife and never wanted to cheat her. 

It seems that Sobhan is a true gentleman and never had any illegal relationship with anyone. Finally, someone unfolded the real story.


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