Varun Tej's TholiPrema Movie Review!!

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Varun Tej's TholiPrema Movie Review!!

Director : Venky Atluri 

Music Director : S. Thaman 

Choreography : George C. Williams 

Producer: B. V. S. N. Prasad 

Starring : Varun Tej, Raashi Khanna

Memories do shape us, even walking is a pure joyful memory that our brain stores and makes it a routine for us. Similarly, love is also a feeling that gives us lasting memories good or bad. If walking can be a routine, can loving someone be too? Can we just love a person beyond limits that even their memories, good or bad cannot leave us alone? May be that's the reason our marriage system is so strong?

Varun Tej seems to have struck a good chord with selecting subjects these days. He did pick up a good romantic subject for this Valentine's day weekend. Let's discuss the merits and demerits of it..


Aditya (Varun Tej) is in search of his love in London at night 2 o' clock. He starts explaining why so ..

He is a top ranker in Eamcet but highly impulsive. He cannot control his emotions and has a loud mouth. He likes Varsha (Raashi Khanna) upon the first sight. Starts flirting with her and she even though resists at first, likes him gradually. Their exchanges at a railway station during the night form a relationship and Varsha for him, joins his college. Varsha teases him for sometime, before she announces to world that she loves him. 

In such a happy-go-lucky situation, due to his impulsive nature, Varsha and Aditya break-up. After a long time, six years exactly, they meet again. How they meet?  What happened between them that caused the break-up? If they take each other back, how? Watch the romance unfold on screen ..


Varun Tej seems to have hit a golden patch. He struck a balance between being hyper on screen and being low as well. His characterisation and performance, keep the movie rolling. He improved a lot of being emotive without showing too much and if he continues on this path, he can become a good actor and star too. 

Raashi Khanna got the role of her life time in this movie. She did put all her heart into it. How good an actress she is and what she could do on screen, is shown in this movie. If she keeps getting good roles and taking up right projects, she can definitely become a popular star actress. In this movie, she makes us care for Varsha with all the vulnerability and maturity. 

Hyper Aadi, Priyadarshi scores good marks in comedy and Suhasini Maniratnam helped the movie with her presence. Naresh scored with his scenes too. 


George C Williams, proved that camera can speak volumes if we can use it creatively. His shots, color schemes and concepts, help us get into the story and we never notice his brilliance rather, we enjoy the story and connect with the emotions better. It is a good work from this talented camera person. 

Music by SS Thaman is a major highlight for this movie. He scored his best possible romantic album and gave his best OST for a romantic film too. Allasani vari and Tholi Prema songs stand out with lyrical beauty. Sri Mani should be congratulated for his work. 

Editing by Naveen Nooli is good but he could have tightened it up a bit more in the first hour. Second hour needed the pace to be slow but first hour seems to be imbalanced at places. Few sequences too seemed a bit rushed on the editing table. 

Writer and Director, Venky Atluri deserves a good round of applause for being able to reimagine a very clitched romance in such a fresh manner. He did not let down the audience after setting up his characters. He didn't try to go away from his established rules and made everything look convincing on screen. 

While his presentation is an ode to big Bollywood romances, his writing is an ode to Telugu legends. He is able to fit in good quotes that define characters at the right time. But being a cliched drama seems to be the low of this movie. Still, because of its freshness and lead pair convincing chemistry, scores good marks. 


Varun Tej's performance. 

Raashi Khanna's endearing portrayal 

Lead pair's chemistry. 

Music by SS Thaman

Fresh writing and direction 


Slow paced narration 

Cliched screenplay. 

Drop in intensity at places. 


Writing a romance, that too a pure romance that just involves two people who are in love is a tough thing. It is a bit easy to show someone else playing a villain in the couple's story but it needs a lot of maturity to just keep it simple and between each other. 

Venky Atluri and his team crafted a good film that we can re-visit and dvelve into our past first love. He strikes a balance between general moments and moments that this couple share. Hence, we connect with them well. You can watch it for the Valentines weekend without fail. 

Rating: 3/5

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