Vijay Devarakonda's Ye Mantram Vesave Movie Review

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 Ye Mantram Vesave Movie Review

Whenever we clean up our houses for new painting or for festivals, we tend to throw out the waste that we find out that we have no use of it anymore. This film starring Vijay Devarakonda, Sivani Singh, is so old that we may not even burn that old furniture during Bhogi Bonfire. So, we decided to time travel to that time, mostly 5 years back into the past, to understand the concepts of the director, Sridhar Marri. Be our guests in this expedition called, Ye Mantram Vesave.


With the gaming and internet revolution many young brains are getting tuned to become more and more lazy. They don't have a desire to be accepted by society or even try to develop communication skills. They get everything on their finger tips and that suffices their effort. They keep themselves online 24 hours and don't develop a social life that can grant them good name and friends who are more grounded and connected. 

The movie tries to explore this nature with the protagonist being a gamer. Nikhil Anand (Vijay Devarakonda) is a hotshot gamer, who has a sports bike and understanding parents. But he doesn't try to socialise or spend his time constructively. That makes him more arrogant and ignorant, who believes he knows everything. When he challenged by Rags (Shivani Singh), he has to win a game of life to win her affection. Did he do so? What challenges did he face? Watch it on the screens. 


Vijay Devarakonda looks so young and so raw, that we cannot really judge his performance based on his acting in films like Yevade Subramanyam, Arjun Reddy and Pelli Choopulu. He definitely had all the potential 5 years back too. Unfortunately, he didn't find the right team to tap it out back then.

Shivani Singh looks good on screen but performance wise appears completely clueless. She needed a team that could work with her with patience and vigor to make her perform, rather than just make her walk around the fields, like she is in the 100th remake of Gladiator. 

All other actors did not even register themselves with their performances. They just filled the gaps on the screen and did their best to see that they make it look like short film, even though it is a feature film. 


Cinematography by Siva Reddy, looked like an amateur's guide to how not to recreate a stunning visual from Hollywood and Bollywood films. We have appreciate him for giving us such an important lesson. Visuals do need budgets and knowledge. They don't just happen to bring out the awe factor, just because you have a concept. 

Music by Abbadh Samath. After watching the film, one will definitely be in awe of Hans Zimmer, John Powell, John Williams work. Their scores are either used by the team as it is or the music composer tried to recreate them. 

Writer-Director, Sridhar Marri, definitely had some ideas. He wanted world to be a better place where people are not completely lazy idiots stuck in a chair and online co-axes. He wanted to tell young generation that outside world is more exciting than the Internet. 

But in trying to find excitement he used Hyderabad outskirts to know the stunning visual sense and also, tried to blend his high concepts into the narration. What he mistook is that, this concept and this making is good for a short film but not for a feature length film. 

You need the visual brilliance for the crowd that walk into a theatre to feel stunned but this landscape and these actors don't fit in that vision. Some ideas need budget and expertise. Just ideas can never be appreciated without craft. Art should be built on high concepts but should be crafted with patience and endurance. You cannot rush or make an art that subverts the concept. 


Even Time travel doesn't really help you find any. Trust us, we did try.


Amateurish Narration 

Confused Screenplay 

No real effort by actors 

Highly unconvincing plot. 

Very lethargic production values. 


The biggest problem with aspiring talent is that they tend to go with the words of those people who are highly manipulative. Those people just need some film to be made so that they can make money out of it. They just talk in the form of deals and tell you that your idea can be made as a movie, with just a negligible amount of money while the desired output needs may be crores and expert team. Knowing which movie can be made in the budget you have makes you a better and smart craftsman. 

On the whole, this movie had an interesting point and it just had that. Neither it wasn't executed properly nor it looked convincing enough to look beyond glaring mistakes. A forgettable 'backlog' from Vijay Devarakonda. 

Rating: 1/5  

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