Vishnu's Achari America Yatra Movie Review

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Vishnu's Achari America Yatra Movie Review

Some journeys last long in our memories due to the kind of experience they end up being. Memorable, unforgettable and absolutely great. Few journeys are also memorable because of the bad experiences we have faced during them. This Achari's America Yatra (Journey) is a big mishap and an unforgivable mistake. Why you ask? Read on ...


Krishnamachari (Manchu Vishnu) enters into a retired lawyer, Chakrapani (Kota Srinivasa Rao)'s house to complete the Homam. But his eyes search for one person in the entire house. He cannot find that person and his team headed by Appalachari (Brahmanandam) decide to go to America. 

Krishnamachari tells them that he can find them jobs and hence, they go. But Krishna finds the person he is searching for, his love, Renuka (Pragya Jaiswal). He finds out that the marriage contract he got, involves her. What happened actually? How did they both fall in love? Watch the movie for answers ... 


Manchu Vishnu is lucky that he is still finding some or the other producer to invest in his movies. He is not finding the rhythm to perform at his best and looks wise too, he is not at his best in this movie. Seems like he needs to revamp his movie choice and find inspiration like he did during Dhee. 

Pragya Jaiswal is trying hard to shift her image to glam doll. But she needs to understand that extreme skin show doesn't help her one bit. This movie is a testimony of her desperation to change her image and she needs to re-evaluate her choices. 

Brahmanandam is forgettable boring, Kota Srinivasa Rao is under used. All others including Sathya Krishna, Posani Krishna Murali, Prabhas Sreenu, Vidyulleka Raman, Anoop Singh, Pradeep Rawat, Surekha Vani, Supreeth do not get any moment to shine. 


Siddharth, the Cinematographer, did try to use some camera angles that will show some dynamic energy but he is highly inefficient. His work doesn't help the film at all. 

Editor, M.R. Varma is unable to get a grip of the story or the smooth transitions between scenes. May be he was completely clueless about why there were  such characters, separate tracks and why there was a film, like this. 

Writers, especially dialogue writer, Darling Swamy might have laughed hard for his own jokes and enjoyed his work the most during discussions. Because in the theatre, audience who laugh for even oldest and silliest jokes, also couldn't laugh out loud for those jokes. Seems like his humour was more in sync with 40's generation and not millennials. 

Malladi Venkatakrishna Murthy is known as a writer who could find humour in weirdest places. This story is a simple Achari group who are old fashioned unable to find their peace with the fast and open American culture. In that process, they help a couple to win their love. Film version concentrates on love and leaves the actual innovative part. 

Music by SS Thaman is highly loud and BGM is his career worst. He cannot go much lower than this, even if he deliberately wishes. 

G. Nageswar Reddy is still in 70's and 80's. His style of narration, story selection and even comedy is old style. He needs to find some innovative ways to deliver the comedy punches and land them well enough. This is definitely his career worst film till now. 


Couldn't find any 


Lethargic narration by Director

Too old story 

Scenes that don't evoke humour 

Unnecessary seriousness for a silly premise 

Worst possible technical values 


The movie fails to even evoke simple laughter from the audience who are watching in the theatre. It tries hard to evoke some emotion but it looks too silly and robotic for the kind of film it is. It needed deft handling and much better script expansion. This is easily one of the worst movies of the year.

Rating: 1.25/5 


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