Warangal's young collector Amrapali set to marry

Updated By VankayaTue, 02/06/2018 - 18:14
Warangal's young collector Amrapali set to marry

Warangal’s very popular district collector Amrapali is all set to marry an IPS officer. The officer is currently working as an SP. Amrapali will go on leave from January 27 and according to sources, her wedding date is fixed on February 18. 

Appointed as Warangal Urban district collector in October 2016, she is very popular, especially among the youth. She has gone on trekking through the hilly forest area of Eturu Nagaram and has been a popular speaker at events in Warangal.

She has a crazy fan following so much so that a youth association in Warangal has installed her statue during the Ganesh festival last year. The idol showed Ganesh sitting as a baby in the lap of district collector Amrapali. Amrapali herself asked the association to remove the idol.

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