Weak buzz for Kalyan's love story

Updated By VankayaWed, 06/13/2018 - 10:06
Weak buzz for Kalyan's love story

Mass Hero Kalyan Ram’s Naa Nuvve is a classy love story. Unlike his other movies, the film has a weak buzz due to various reasons. Firstly, Kalyan doing a love story and secondly, he had a string of failures in recent times. Naturally, the business circles aren’t exactly enthused about his latest outing.

Though he has managed to bring NTR to the pre-release function and tried to get some buzz, there are still doubts about how far this would help at the box office. Trade sources say the bookings are quite weak. Usually, Kalyan’s films will have reasonably good over the counter sales, but there are doubts this time as this is not his usual mass masala fare.

The film must do well in multiplexes and A Centres. But then, Naa Nuvve is up against another classy movie – Sudheer Babu’s Sammohanam. So, it is important for Naa Nuvve to get a positive buzz on the release day. Let’s wait till Thursday to know if the film manages to set the cash registers ringing.

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