What is Pawan Kalyan up to?

Updated By VankayaFri, 03/30/2018 - 22:35
JanaSena Party

What is Jana Sena chief and actor Pawan Kalyan up to? Will he go his brother Chiranjeevi’s way in politics? He announced a joint fact finding commission on Central funding to Andhra Pradesh amid much fanfare and made big names like JP, Vundavalli Arun Kumar, Padmanabhaiah and IYR Krishna Rao as members. The committee submitted its report. What next? Pawan is unavailable for comments. He is also not spelling out further course of action.

The committee has said that AP has to still get Rs 74000 crore worth of funds. But, Pawan has not announced any future action plan. Vundavalli Arun Kumar had even said that Pawan did not even call him after the submission of the report. Now, JP is coming out with another committee called ‘Independent Experts Committee,’ which announced that it would explain about the funds if the Central Government allocates time. They are also studying the letter written by Amit Shah to Chandrababu Naidu.

Despite all this, Pawan remains inscrutable. He said he would fight for special status to Andhra Pradesh. He held three meetings and then remained silent. After a long hiatus, he organized Guntur meeting. Now again he is silent. He made stunning allegations against Lokesh and did not substantiate them. What is Pawan up to?

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