What Rangasthalam did for Bharat Ane Nenu?

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 Rangasthalam And Bharat Ane Nenu

Rangasthalam is receiving praises from all over the world and many Telugu film lovers are praising the movie for its raw and rustic approach to an age-old masala formulaic revenge drama. 

The movie did present the next film makers with a situation that you can believe in your story and style of telling it. You don't have to rely on heavy graphics but you need a subject that is grounded in reality to get audience go gaga over it.

Now, the business of Telugu Cinema has sky-rocketed after Magadheera. Until then, the collections of any Telugu Cinema at highest possible hit status, used to be 36 to 40 crores. Pokiri achieved such feet.

Today, we are talking about the highest being Baahubali-2, with close to 200 crores share from just Telugu version. All that it is unimaginable with a simple story line and popular hero to repeat such feet but Rangasthalam did show that it is possible for a simple story to reach 100 crores share too.

Khaidi No. 150 had the return of the biggest mass hero of Telugu Cinema who ruled for two decades undisputed. Hence, the mandate was to see him on screen again. Had the movie really delivered on content, Baahubali-1, would have been out of context. But that wasn't the case. 

For a hero like Ram Charan Tej, who does have an image of being popular star but no great acclaim for being an actor, Rangasthalam is a revelation. He appeared to be a character in the story but not the superhero that we normal see from him.

If such a film, can make 100 crores. With a star hero taking up relevant social topic as his subject and if it is an actor like Mahesh Babu, then the collections should be unprecedented. But still, there are doubts whether the movie story needs to be altered? Should there be fights for CM too? 

Well, Bharat Ane Nenu makers now need not worry and be confident about their product. It does have fights but Koratala Siva, now can be brutal on editing table to chop off anything that doesn't fit his story. He can just present Mahesh as Bharat who is truthful and bring in elevations that the story provide to the character than to manufacture for Superstar.

Rangasthalam assured him and many new filmmakers that when you rely on your story and characters more, people will tend to respond positively. With positive buzz growing everyday, Bharat Ane Nenu seems to be the next big blockbuster for Telugu Cinema.

It also fits the sentiment. Mahesh previous blockbuster, Srimanthudu with Siva Koratala, did win box office releasing when the Baahubali-1 wave was subsiding. Now, Rangasthalam wave is slowly subsiding and sentimentally ground is set for Mahesh starter Bharat Ane Nenu, with no huge competition till, Naa Peru Surya. 

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