When Charmme overshadowed heroine

Updated By VankayaMon, 04/16/2018 - 21:55
charmee Kaur

Puri Jagan did lot of home work for his latest movie Mahabooba to re-launch his son Aakash. For this film, Puri has spent more time than normal to make this film. Also, he is waiting for the right time to release the film. This again is very unlike Puri. He usually releases his films regardless of competition and timing. He is also working overtime to promote the film.

The film is set for release on May 11. Interestingly, actress Charmme too is deeply involved in promoting Mahbooba. Film promotions entail glam show and Charmme, who is not new to this game, knows how to ooze oomph and how to pose for pics. Naturally, shutterbugs are focusing more on Charmme and less on heroine Neha Sharma.

Many were left wondering why Charmme was overshadowing debutante heroine.

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