Why did Pawan meet Paritala Sunitha?

Updated By VankayaTue, 02/06/2018 - 18:32
Why did Pawan meet Paritala Sunitha?

Does Pawan Kalyan, the politician, have sincerity? Except mouting some cinematic dialogues to wow the frenzied fans, he does not seem to have much understanding of the politics. The people of Rayalaseema want the High Court to be set up in their region. As per the gentlemen’s agreement, Rayalaseema should have the capital city located themre. But, now the capital is in Amaravati. Now, the locals demand that at leasta high court in Rayalaseema.

Pawan Kalyan did not talk about this and what more , he went to Minister Paritala Sunitha’s residence and posed for pic with her carrying some papers. Meanwhile, a Rs 1500 crore scam has surfaced in Handri Neeva project and there are allegations of her involvement in it.

Setting aside Handri Neeva’s natural flow routes, the four new routes have been constructed to provide water to four lakes and Paritala Sunitha is said to be involved in this Rs 1500 scam. The critcs are showing proofs of the scam. The critics are asking why Pawan has gone over to her house at a time when she is embroiled in a scam? This alone shows what Pawan’s politics are going to be.

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