Will Butta Renuka be disqualified?

Updated By VankayaTue, 02/13/2018 - 18:04
Will Butta Renuka be disqualified?

Here’s a shocker for turncoat MP Butta Renuka. She won on YSRCP ticket, but joined the TDP later. But, is it not because of this that she is facing problems. She is in the soup for holding an office of profit besides being an MP. This is unlawful and calls for disqualification. Very recently, 22 AAP MLAs were disqualified from the Delhi Assembly for this reason. Now, Butta Renuka is in a similar situation.

Renuka is also a member of the general body of the Central Social Welfare Board. This is an office of profit and the Parliamentary study committee has decided that the MP is also holding an office of profit, which is contrary to law. Based on these recommendations, the Lok Sabha secretariat might disqualify her. Now, a worried Butta Renuka is trying to salvage the situation by claiming that this was not an office of profit and that she hasn’t taken any salary for the post.

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